What is this School Robotics
training about ?

School Robotics training program is designed under the skill India mission by IIT Bombay Alumni Group which is a complete package for school students to learn the technology at school level. In this training program students will be learning & implementing following things practically with industrial experts.

  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Robotics Hardware
  • Basic Science Projects
  • Advanced Science Projects
  • Real- time Live Applications
Facebook Survey
Interested Students 70%

In a survey done by Facebook it is found that more than 70% school students have keen interest in robotics and innovation.


Robotics is the future for

next generation

Mark Zukerberg

Students joined till now

From the year 2015 up till now , there has been a major growth in the students who are showing their interest in Robotics and Automation. 

Is your child learning innovative things in Robotics, Coding & Automation ?

What you will learn ?


Robotics Hardware

Robotics Simulation

Robotics Project

Real World Apps

Eligibility Criteria

➡️ Any College & School Student or a hobbyist who want to present their mathematical skills at National Level & becoming the Technology Scientist of future India – 2022.

➡️ From the Age group of 10 Years to 26 Years old can apply.

Certificates earned by students

Sanchit , Age 12

Created RFID Security System.

My experience at NITTSD

was great and memorable.

Teachers helped me in

enhancing my skills.


What you will get ?

Sachit , Age 16

Created Password Protected System.

It was great experience learning

with NITTSD. The teachers

are highly qualified and

want their students to succeed.


How to apply ?

Anay , Age 14

Created Electronic Voting Machine.

It was a fun learning experience.

The teachers here are super


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Students joined till now

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School Robotics Foundation


School Robotics Complete

I am a proud

NITTSD alumni and

this is my Robotics Kit 

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