School Maths Programming

By IIT Bombay Alumni Foundation

Students learn mathematics theoratically in the school at academics level, but what is it's use in the real world applications ? Creating real world applications using mathematics is the main objective of this training program designed by IIT Bombay Alumni.

" Implement Mathematical Concepts Through Programming & Design Robotics Automation Applications "

 ” Students with good mathematical
coding skills have good
analysis ability “

– Stephen Hawking

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According to Stephen Hawking, it is found that 85% students who have good mathematics & coding skills can perform technological R&D 10 times faster than other students.

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Eligibility Criteria

What you will Learn

Maths Coding Tools
Maths Coding Concepts
AI in Maths
Maths Coding Interfaces
Maths Applications

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Extreme Technology in the future , is your child ready to survive in such technological era ?

Only academic education is not enough to survive in the future , start learning technology as early as from school level only  

Every student will get a participation certificate

A Government of India (MSME) Organisational Certificate affiliated to ” National Institute For Technical Training & Skill Development (NITTSD) ” will be provided.

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